Benefits using Civbuild
We pride ourselves in coordinating a job or project from start to finish, saving the busy Strata Manager, facilities manager, or Owner's Corporation the trouble
Delivering No Matter What
Experience in delivering complex project under demanding commercial conditions;
Industry Knowledge
Industry knowledge ensuring provision of the most cost effective and advantageous outcomes for our clients and their policy holders;
Expertise Across All Facets
Expertise across all facets of the construction trades;
Innovative And Flexible
Innovative and flexible approach to large and complex projects, ensuring prompt, trouble free, and transparent project completion and resolution;
Consistent Communication
Consistent communication throughout the duration of the project ensures all parties are kept up-to-date and informed;
Project and budget Management
Project and budget management skills ensure projects are delivered both within budget and to agreed KPIs.
Expertise Across All Facets
Expertise across all facets of the construction trades;

We Do It All

Civbuild constructions provides innovative facilities management solutions that ensure successful, long-term outcomes for its partners

Founded on our vast onsite experience, we are well placed and capable of assessing and diagnosing any building defect. Our technical knowledge and background enable us to recommend the most effective and economical method of rectification.


For a small fee, Civbuild will visit your property and carry out a thorough investigation of any building defect that has been difficult to locate and fix. We will provide you with a detailed report including, our findings, along with photos, explanatory notes and our recommended method of rectification. If we cannot find a solution, the service will be free of charge.


We make sure all decayed areas are inspected, assessed, treated, and reinstated to ‘as new’. On inspection, we prepare a dilapidation report. This report is a thorough record of the condition of the building before the work starts.

Generally, remedial work is any action taken to correct a situation that’s gone wrong. How does that relate to your building? Think of the cracked walls within the basement of your commercial flat. How about the holes in the floor of your garage? These dilapidations within your home or commercial property need to be repaired professionally. What does remedial building work in Sydney do for you? There are numerous reasons why you should have a reliable contractor conduct remedial building work on your property. 

To enhance the structural integrity 

It is always important for a building to be inspected regularly to ensure it meets the relevant structural requirements. A building that is structurally weak is a hazard to all who reside and work within or nearby. If you spot any problems, get them fixed straightaway. 

To remove spalling 

This mainly refers to the scenario witnessed when a building has concrete cancer. Such a condition occurs due to the accumulation of water inside the concrete slab, which rusts, expands and causes cracks. These cracks may allow in more water, making a bad condition worse. Spalling is witnessed on the walls where large flakes come away. 

To take care of latent defects 

Expert building inspectors can spot some structural damages which are hardly recognisable to anyone else, especially with a naked eye. When you hire Sydney remedial builders, they investigate any such damages and correct them so that your property is structurally safe. 

To enhance waterproofing 

Waterproofing in buildings is mainly done to prevent water ingress. Water ingress is when water permeates into the building through leaks and can cause damage to both the structure and property within the building. Wall stains are a sign of water damage, and they can have their own latent defects. Since waterproofing wears out, you need to replace it often. 

To improve the value of your asset 

Your property may well be your largest asset, so taking good care of it is imperative. One of the major benefits of having remedial work is that it adds value. Whether your building has been neglected or is simply old, improving its structure will not only improve its chances of selling faster but selling at a higher market value too – providing more rewards for you in the future. Don’t wait until your property is declared inhospitable or becomes a victim of the next natural disaster. Contact Civbuild constructions for your next remedial building enquiry

asset protection

We understand that balconies and outdoor areas often require remedial repairs due to concrete spalling or waterproofing issues. And often, the balustrades have deteriorated and need to be replaced with more modern balustrading solutions.

Civbuild Constructions offer balcony and balustrade repairs in Sydney of the highest standard including 

  • Glass balustrades
  • Stainless steel balustrades
  • Powder coated aluminium and glass balustrades
  • Straight powder coated baluster
  • Frameless or semi frameless balustrades
  • Galvanised balustrades

We have the knowledge and experience to return your balcony and balustrades to a safe condition, while ensuring they enhance the appearance of your home or building.

You can rest assured that your new balustrade will strictly comply with the current Australian standards and BCA requirements.

Balustrade Replacement Upgrades

Civbuild Constructions offers specialised façade repair in Sydney that replaces worn and dated building facades with modern design and structural improvements. We work closely with our clients to create a tailored façade repair solution that meets both safety, structural and budgetary requirements. Our experienced team can find excellent solutions to your building maintenance requirements. We combined our abseiling techniques with various other skills to complete any job that may not seem accomplishable. We carry out large-scale façade repair projects, following stringent safety requirements and adhering to the highest quality standards while we aim to work with contractors and clients to do this at a cost-efficient way. Maximise the street appeal of your property and increase its value with a high-quality facade restoration.

Facade Repairs & Refurbishment

If you have a concrete spalling issue within your home or building that needs rectification, you can rely on Civbuilds team of experienced trades to get the job done.

Concrete spalling, or concrete cancer, occurs when the steel reinforcement within a concrete structure begins to corrode. This corrosion causes the steal to expand and the surrounding concrete to displace and crack. If left untreated, concrete spalling can lead to serious structural deterioration, and a major safety hazard, resulting in extensive remedial works. At Civbuild, we understand the critical nature of concrete spalling and deliver concrete spalling repairs in Sydney of the highest standard, ensuring your premises is structurally safe again.  We have developed a thorough approach to concrete spalling repairs that ensures the issue is remediated quickly, and the structural integrity of the building is returned. Our approach involves:

  • Identifying the visible signs of concrete spalling and their current or potential safety impacts.
  • Understanding the underlying origins of the spalling.
  • Developing a concrete repair approach which rectifies the issue and ensures the building is safe again.
  • Implementing the concrete repair solution as quickly as possible, ensuring safety and quality requirements are adhered to.

We have great knowledge of concrete deterioration, resulting expert concrete repair which targets the primary causes and not just the peripheral symptoms. This approach leads to greater longevity of important assets.

Many concrete structures have been compromised due to hostile environments and service conditions which contribute to corrosion of the reinforcing steel and/or deterioration of the hardened concrete properties. Concrete spalling is a natural phenomen caused over time by moisture – some say it is the earth’s way of returning a building site back to nature. Continual water penetration can cause the top surface of concrete to chip, flake or delaminate. If left unchecked, concrete spalling will eventually cause a building to crumble and fall. Civbuilds methods of treating spalling is to prevent any further deterioration. Once we have addressed the source of the problem, we go on and repair the structural damage to restore your building’s integrity. We then apply architectural finishes to cosmetically rejuvenate the façade of your building. We work with a range of finishes to ensure so you can be sure we will have something to suit the style of your building or home. 

Early detection is vital Concrete cancer is usually caused by neglect, but it can also tell of poor construction standards. We are experienced in detecting and treating concrete cancer – but just like in your body, early detection is important. What causes concrete cancer? Put simply, if the concrete reinforcing bar is not properly encased it will be susceptible to rust. Rusting bars expand and cause the surrounding concrete to crack and fall away leaving the bar even more exposed, and so the destructive cycle continues. 

Some of our concrete repair services are below:

  • Cementitious repair mortars
  • Epoxy repair mortars
  • Polymer modified repair mortars
  • Shotcrete repairs
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Magnasite removal & repair
  • Concrete investigation, analysis & diagnosis
Concrete Durability Enhancements

Injection is typically used on horizontal, vertical, and overhead cracks where conventional repair methods cannot penetrateor are too cost prohibitive. Prior to proceeding with a crack repair by epoxy injection, the cause of the crack and the need for a structural repair must be determined. If the crack does not compromise the structural integrity of the structure, injection with polyurethane grouts or other non-structural materials may be a more suitable choice to fill the crack (ie Leaking, flexing etc). When a structural repair is required, conditions that cause the crack must be corrected prior to proceeding with the epoxy injection. If the structural crack is damp and cannot be dried out, a moisture tolerant resin must be considered. Alternatively, if the crack is non-structural a low viscosity polyurethane hydrophilic resin would achieve the best result.

Civbuild Constructions are market leaders in the structural repair of cracks by way of injection. Our purpose-built delivery methods surpass any other injection system in the market place and ensure the product is delivered into the crack as per specification. Our extensive supply chain network consists of the most advanced epoxy resins on the market.

Epoxy (Structural) Crack injection

Structural repairs require highly specialist skills and full-time project management to minimise disruption and comply with all relevant design codes.

Adding strength to an existing structure is usually a complex challenge. Whether through age, deterioration, substandard construction or change of use, it means that the present structure is no longer able to support the loads it needs to carry.

Civbuild Constructions provide end to end solutions for structural strengthening works including specialist skills, design expertise, product knowledge, access solutions and full-time project management to ensure strengthening works achieve design code compliance with minimal disruption to the ongoing use of the structure.

Structural strengthening services include 

  • Carbon Fibre Strengthening
  • Strengthening aged or damaged structures

Civbuild Constructions are experienced in adding strength to existing structures such as carparks or columns utilising carbon fibre technology.

Structural Strengthening

If you live in an old premise, the chances are you may have experienced structural problems. As the premise moves on its foundations, cracks and weaknesses can appear. Sometimes, this is nothing more than cosmetic damage. However, it’s always worth getting it checked out if you’re unsure. Cracks and structural damage can lead to all sorts of problems in the home. Not least, penetrating damp and other forms of water damage.

Civbuild Constructions provide Helifix crack stitching and mortar repair for cracked walls, brick, and stone work. Helifix crack stitching system is highly effective where large cracks occur along the wall surface, especially where the masonry has become detached, effectively compromising the walls structural strength and integrity. There are many reasons why this may occur: building age, vibration, shifting foundations, tree roots, weather damage etc. Repairs of this scale require more than your average brick and mortar repair, and Helifix utilises metal rods and ties that fit in the mortar between the bricks, much like steel in a concrete slab, to provide additional strength to the repair area. Specific strategies and techniques are required to permanently repair and strengthen the masonry to avoid expensive rebuilding, especially with heritage buildings that if not done correctly can become expensive and time consuming. 

If you notice small cracks or damp problems, you might need structural brickwork stitching carried out to prevent it getting worse. This is a quick solution to your structural problems, and will stabilise the situation . We have many years of experience in repairing damaged brickwork so let’s take a detailed look.

Brick Stitching

Arch bars and lintels are used to support structures such as windows, doors and other openings. As they are usually constructed from steel, it is not uncommon to see old arch bars and lintels rusting and expanding.

Brickwork around windows, doors and openings are supported by arch bars and lintels which are generally made from steel or concrete. Over time, these supports may need replacing if they have deteriorated or rusted away.

You might notice brickwork above your window or door lifting due to lintel expansion. A rusting lintel will expand to around seven times its original thickness, and so will create a tell-tale bulge or crack. If this is  the case, you may need to enquire about your existing lintel

If left unattended, faulty lintels and arch bar damage may result in deeper structural cracks, brick work breaking or bulging, and water penetration. This will lead to a weakened structure.

At Civbuild, we use industry leading products and methods to remedy and repair lintels in Sydney

Tie, Arch Bar & Lintel Replacement

A common and major building defect is defective cavity flashing due to poor initial construction practises. Cavity flashing replacement must be carried out by an experienced & competent team that will maintain the structural integrity of the building. We also replace the arch bar and lintels with minimal impact to the surrounding façade, by using the appropriate propping and installation methods.

cavity flashing

Joint sealing 

Joints between building elements are designed to accommodate contraction and/or expansion movement of the element. Concrete slab joints are sealed to prevent ingress of foreign materials, water or chemicals, temperature variations, and allowing vehicular and or pedestrian passage. Joint performance is no longer functional once the seal is compromised.  Civbuild constructions possess the understanding of concrete joint functionality, sealant specifications and suitability, and installation practices necessary to maintain the integrity of building joints.

 Some of our joint sealing services are below 

  • Expansion compression joints
  • High-impact joints
  • Waterproof joints
  • Complex plate joints
  • Glass aluminium facade joints
  • Hypalon joint systems
  • Movement joints
  • Structural engineering joints


Civbuild include a variety of professional waterproofing services. We provide competitive pricing and superior workmanship warranties. Our experience waterproofing service offerings have permitted us to be one of the trusted commercial waterproofing companies of choice.
We can perform a variety of exterior commercial waterproofing services such as removing and replacing control joint caulking on a building or removing old failed gaskets and replacing with wet glazing caulking. We can also install breathable elastomeric coatings to a building’s surfaces that will be esthetically pleasing to the eye as well as a durable barrier against the weathering elements.

Every waterproofing project is unique, so we apply expert knowledge to assess, select and prepare the correct type of floor and wall membranes.

The waterproofing systems we offer include:

  • Liquid membranes
  • Torch on membranes
  • Loose layered sheet membranes
  • Hypalon bandages
  • Tanking membranes
  • “Negative waterproofing” through injection
  • Applied chemical solutions
  • Polyurethane sealants

Our Additional Waterproofing Services Such as Caulking, Coatings and Sealers

  • Silicone Caulking
  • Urethane Caulking
  • Elastomeric Coating Services
  • Elastomeric Wall Coatings
  • Control Joint Caulking
  • Expansion Joints
  • Exterior Painting
  • Silicone Elastomeric Coating Services
  • Vehicular Traffic Bearing Coatings
  • Water Intrusion Detection
  • Waterproofing Restoration
  • Weatherproof Coatings
  • Wet Glazing
  • Clean and Seal
  • Clear Water Repellents
  • Caulking & Sealants

Civbuild Constructions have extensive experience in the strata sector and have assisted numerous strata managers in resolving problematic complexes. Our team of licensed strata remedial builders work closely with many Strata Managers and Executive Committees throughout Sydney metropolitan area to provide strata maintenance, repairs, remediation and rectification to multi-level building complexes. We are engaged to perform all aspects of remedial works to these buildings.

Our expertise and skills mean we can successfully implement remedial building repairs and solutions for a wide range of strata property problems.

Our experienced team offer a premium service with all building works and remedial repairs delivered on time with quality, efficiency and reliability. 

Services include:

  • Internal and external refurbishment
  • Fit outs
  • Building maintenance
  • Remedial building
  • Structural rectification & strengthening
  • Waterproofing rectification & design
  • Cavity flashing repairs and replacement
  • Concrete spalling/cancer rehabilitation
  • Render repairs
  • Lintel replacement
  • Crack stitching
  • Window and door replacement
  • Roofing repairs
  • Brickwork rectification
  • Heritage works
  • Balustrade replacement
  • Façade refurbishment & upgrades
  • Complete Internal refurbishment
  • Rising damp concerns and general building defects
  • Home warranty insurance claims
Strata Works
Experience in Delivering Complex Project Under Demanding Commercial Conditions

We pride ourselves in coordinating a job or project from start to finish, saving the busy Strata Manager, facilities manager, or Owner's Corporation the trouble. We organise sign-off for every job, ensuring that the job is done to Australian Standard and body corporate requirements.

We Deliver
We pride ourselves on delivering remedial building works of the highest standard to buildings of all ages and sizes. We work with smaller, residential clients to larger, commercial companies across the Sydney metropolitan area. We are remedial building specialists and we deliver an exceptional service.
With our combined construction experience of fifty years, we have a unique understanding of both construction and remedial building. Our experience, and the experience of our reliable tradespeople, ensures each remedial project is delivered with an outstanding result.
We will complete all remedial works with exceptional quality, ensuring our clients’ requirements are met, if not exceeded. Our professional trades have an incredible eye for detail and will often notice things others don’t. You can rely on Ready to provide a quality outcome, every time.
Our hand-picked team of foreman and tradespeople are honest, reliable and professional. We approach each build with integrity and commitment, ensuring each project is completed within agreed timeframes and to the highest work standards. Ready Remedial is the team you can trust with your remedial building works.
Fast turnaround
We understand the critical nature of our work and that deadlines must be met. We will endeavour to deliver every project as fast as possible, while ensuring we meet safety and quality requirements along the way.
We take the safety of our jobs seriously and ensure that every project meets stringent quality and safety regulations. We have thorough systems in place to ensure each job runs smoothly and safely. At Ready Remedial you know you are in safe hands.

We Are the Leading Provider of Commercial Fit Outs, Facilities Management and Building Maintenance.

Civbuild is a leading provider of commercial fit outs, facilities management and building maintenance. From commercial fit outs of all sizes to office buildings, retail solutions and multi-use buildings, our dedicated and diverse self-delivered team has a proven track record of delivering sustainable solutions for a wide range of buildings across several core sectors