Why Knockdown & Rebuild?

You can have a brand new, high quality home from Civbuild Constructions right where you are now, in the area you know and love. You still have your old neighbours, shops, clubs and schools, in fact everything you like about living where you are now. And, you get an energy and water efficient, beautifully finished, contemporary home. When you knock down rebuild on your current site there is no stamp duty to be paid and you don’t have to pay real estate commissions which these days amounts to many thousands of dollars.

If you’re thinking about a knockdown rebuild in Sydney, you can also enjoy all of the following benefits by working with Civbuild Copnstructions;

  • You can enjoy all of the excitement of living in a brand new, and beautifully designed home  without the hassle of changing the kids schools or the challenge of adjusting to a new area.
  • Your new house will be constructed with all energy and water efficiencies included as part of the build. This increase in energy efficiency and reduces your carbon footprint and your heating and cooling bills too.
  • You have input into the design and interior décor, meaning you won’t have to settle for something that’s less than perfect for your needs. Your new home will be built to suit your tastes and your requirements.
  • You can capitalise on the value of their location by building their dream home without having to move.

You love your street, the outlook, the land, the location, and the neighbours. Your whole life has evolved around this location and you don’t want to move. But the house? It’s tired, dated, and you dream of a new home.

By unlocking the equity of your existing property, you can make that dream a reality. You might be surprised to learn that knocking down your old house and rebuilding a new one is actually easier and generally cheaper per square metre than renovating your home or building an extension.

Civbuild Constructions takes great pride in being an open, honest and transparent builder. We always give the true knock down rebuild cost to Sydney home builders so that all costs are transparent. Importantly, on those rare occasions when a fixed price isn’t possible, we give realistic, well-informed estimates.