Custom Luxury Homes

At Civbuild Constructions, we’ve helped many homeowners replace their current homes with one that’s more suited to their visions of what a perfect home means to them.

Many people associate custom home building with large expensive homes. Custom homes can range from a small inner-city terrace to an elaborate multi story waterfront. When building a custom home, the choices are almost unlimited. The biggest restrictions being budget, area zoning and building code.

An architecturally designed home is the difference between nice and WOW, it’s all in the details. A custom home designed by an architect is both beautiful and functional, there is extensive consideration taken when customizing the design from site orientation, people circulation, to personalising the design style to ensure it feels like home from the day you move in.

Civbuild Construction specialise in architecturally designed homes that are customised to the very last detail. 

When constructing a home, the journey is just as important as the quality of the final outcome. By working with like-minded people, we ensure that the process of creating your home is positive from start to finish.

If the idea of moulding your existing home to better suit your needs or starting with a blank canvas excites you, then building a custom home may be the best option for you.