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By pursuing perfection, we continuously innovate our business to build, renovate, alter and extend between homes. If you’re in need of some home improvement projects for your home space, or looking to build a duplex or even add a granny flat to your property, to consider working with Civbuild Constructions.

When it comes to building a new home, building multiple homes on the one block of land may not be the first option on your mind. However, building a duplex has several advantages for promising homeowners, particularly when it comes to maximising the potential investment of your land and accommodating extended family.

A duplex is a residential building that consists of two homes which share a common central wall, or a single block of land that has two houses on it. We call this a house behind a house. If the pair of homes exist on one land title, you can own both and sell them together, or subdivide the land and sell the homes separately. You can also consider renting one or both of the homes for extra income.

A duplex is a solid investment. It can produce strong value growth and high rental yields for a much lower price than a detached house.

4 reasons to build a duplex

1. Increased funds for your mortgage

2. Keep elderly family members close

3. It’s a good introduction to the property game

4. Increase your revenue with AirBnB

Offering two separate dwellings that share a common wall, a duplex pair comes with a number of notable benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Affordability
    By purchasing a duplex pair you are essentially buying two homes for the price of one. With only one block of land for two homes, the total price of owning two income producing properties is reduced.
  • Future proofed family living
    Once your children are old enough to move out, they can move into their first rental property – right next door. This not only allows you to stay close, keep an eye on your property and still receive a rental income, but will ease their transition into independent living and adult responsibilities such as paying bills on time.
  • Rental returns Owning a pair of duplexes allows you to control your rental income. You have the option to rent out both duplexes and receive two incomes, or live in one while you rent out the other. Either way, the financial strain of mortgage repayments will be significantly minimised by one or two additional incomes.
  • Unique living situations
    If you have a loved one that is beginning to need more frequent supervision whilst still maintaining their independence, a duplex pair is ideal. You can check in for a cup of tea or dinner, and have peace of mind knowing they’re being looked after, while still upholding privacy and space for both parties.
  • Savings
    Even though you own two dwellings, you will only pay one rates bill, minimising your outgoing money. If you’re renting one half, you’re also able to claim more in tax deductions as some items will be shared across your home and the rental property. In addition, you’ll be able to forgo property management fees while you manage your property from next door. When it comes time to sell, you will have two properties to offer the market by selling each duplex individually. A single duplex is often cheaper than a single house, so they’re quite popular in today’s property market.