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An Architecturally Designed Home Is the Difference Between Nice & Wow, It’s All in the Details.

Many people associate custom home building with large expensive homes. Custom homes can range from a small inner-city terrace to an elaborate multi story waterfront. When building a custom home, the choices are almost unlimited. The biggest restrictions being budget, area zoning and building code.

An architecturally designed home is the difference between nice and WOW, it’s all in the details. A custom home designed by an architect is both beautiful and functional, there is extensive consideration taken when customizing the design from site orientation, people circulation, to personalising the design style to ensure it feels like home from the day you move in.Civbuild Construction specialise in architecturally designed homes that are customised to the very last detail.

When constructing a home, the journey is just as important as the quality of the final outcome. By working with like-minded people, we ensure that the process of creating your home is positive from start to finish. If the idea of moulding your existing home to better suit your needs or starting with a blank canvas excites you, then building a custom home may be the best option for you.

You can have a brand new, high quality home from Civbuild Constructions right where you are now, in the area you know and love.

You still have your old neighbours, shops, clubs and schools, in fact everything you like about living where you are now.

And, you get an energy and water efficient, beautifully finished, contemporary home.

When you knock down rebuild on your current site there is no stamp duty to be paid and you don’t have to pay real estate commissions which these days amounts to many thousands of dollars.


If you’re thinking about a knockdown rebuild in Sydney, you can also enjoy all of the following benefits by working with Civbuild Copnstructions;

  • You can enjoy all of the excitement of living in a brand new, and beautifully designed home  without the hassle of changing the kids schools or the challenge of adjusting to a new area.
  • Your new house will be constructed with all energy and water efficiencies included as part of the build. This increase in energy efficiency and reduces your carbon footprint and your heating and cooling bills too.
  • You have input into the design and interior décor, meaning you won’t have to settle for something that’s less than perfect for your needs. Your new home will be built to suit your tastes and your requirements.
  • You can capitalise on the value of their location by building their dream home without having to move.

You love your street, the outlook, the land, the location, and the neighbours. Your whole life has evolved around this location and you don’t want to move. But the house? It’s tired, dated, and you dream of a new home.

By unlocking the equity of your existing property, you can make that dream a reality. You might be surprised to learn that knocking down your old house and rebuilding a new one is actually easier and generally cheaper per square metre than renovating your home or building an extension.

In residential construction the word addition means to go up and not out like an extension does.

Going up means you will give your home more living space, without giving up any of your yard. In other words, when you have an addition done to your home you will gain another floor level, adding height rather than length.

The design for your addition should ideally be driven by your budget, in turn this should give you a good guide of the overall project cost. In our experience a quality architectural build will likely fall between $3000-$5000 thousand per square meter depending on the construction type, and level of finishes.

When thinking about duration, there are a number of factors that influence construction time frames such as the level of detail in the design, how thorough the documentation is and of course the size of the project, although a general feel on an addition falls between 3-6 months.

Some factors to consider when thinking about a first and second storey addition are council approvals. Does your land size, street, or area allow additions and what are your councils’ requirements?

By obtaining a set of detailed plans this not only allows for a solid cost proposal for yourself, but it also enables the project design to be laid out and clear showing exactly what is being built.

Another benefit of a well thought out design is that it will ensure the addition is seamless and flowing, blending with the existing structure ideally without compromising on privacy and the natural surrounds, creating not only an attractive addition but also a functional area in the home.

A significant benefit of adding a first or second story addition is that by adding space means adding value. Block sizes tend to be getting smaller, so the option of creating a larger home while keeping your green space is vastly appealing.

While a home addition is to ‘go up’, a home extension will extend an existing property, creating a larger footprint while remaining at ground level.

Depending on your lifestyle, creating a larger level home with little or no stairs over a two-level house may be a significant benefit, one which out ways having a large yard. It is highly recommended to obtain professionally designed plans. By doing so you ensure that you create a space that is functional and utilised in the best possible way. Thorough documentation allows all parties (client, architect and builder) to have clear and transparent information about what is being built. This results in more precise tender costs, less chance of budget blow outs and a better build process.

Your design should ideally be guided by your budget, choosing high end construction products such as copper cladding over a standard timber cladding will certainly increase your costs.

If you are living in the home a potential cost saving when doing an extension is the ability to live in the property during the construction phase. If the type of extension being carried out allows this, you could save a substantial amount of money by not having to move out and rent.

By creating a larger home, you will most certainly add value to what is often your largest investment. An extension that is truly effective to the overall layout and functionality of a home will raise the market worth, the overall square footage will be higher, and the home is more functional.

There are many terms in the construction industry that are often misused or not completely understood.

Home renovation, home extension and home additions are three of the most common. Home renovation is to update, repair or restore, while an extension or addition are generally much larger construction projects.

It is not unusual for the three terms or processes to be applied to one project, with a mixture of a renovation, an extension and addition to be carried out at the same time.

Perhaps your home was built in the 1960s and it still reflects that era, but you want to modernise it. You may want to upgrade the windows, remove wood panelling from the walls or turn an old tired kitchen into a modern gem.
All of these changes would be considered a renovation, updating your original home into a new modern design style.

A home renovation also refers to restoration or restoring. Perhaps instead of modernising your inner city terrace you may prefer to return it back it to its original glory. In this case it could be a mixture of repairing and restoring parts of the home that can be saved along with replacing fixtures and fittings with new replica features.
Restoring a home to its original condition is to ensure that the original historic style and features of the home remain.

To repair a run-down home is also classed as renovating. When repairing a home, it does not mean drastic design or layout changes. A home renovation that is focused on repairs often means that you are working with the existing features in the home. An example might be to replace or patch floorboards with the same type of board that is currently in the home.
Despite not making any dramatic aesthetic changes, repairing a home using existing elements is still considered to be a home renovation.

Whether you are an investor looking to unlock extra rental income, a family looking for more space to accommodate children or elderly relatives.

Granny flats are a viable source of income for those looking to reduce their mortgage faster, or even to incorporate more cash flow in their everyday lives. Contact us today to discuss your options.

You want to give your elderly their space and independence so they can have some control over their lifestyle. You also want to be nearby to help if the elderly have any health problems or simply feel lonely. Building a granny flat in Sydney is an ideal solution because you can accomplish both of these goals and we at Civbuild Constructions.

Whether you are an investor looking to unlock extra rental income, a family looking for more space to accommodate children or elderly relatives, a business owner needing an office at home or are simply looking for an extra entertaining area, Civbuild Constructions have a design to suit you.

A duplex is a solid investment.

When it comes to building a new home, building multiple homes on the one block of land may not be the first option on your mind. However, building a duplex has several advantages for promising homeowners, particularly when it comes to maximising the potential investment of your land and accommodating extended family.

A duplex is a residential building that consists of two homes which share a common central wall, or a single block of land that has two houses on it. We call this a house behind a house. If the pair of homes exist on one land title, you can own both and sell them together, or subdivide the land and sell the homes separately. You can also consider renting one or both of the homes for extra income.

A duplex is a solid investment. It can produce strong value growth and high rental yields for a much lower price than a detached house.